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Cat Nutrition

The same as dogs Vets tell you that you need to feed this dry/wet food for such a reason.. Well heres the real reason they are telling you that is for them to gain more money. Do you know what's actually in the packet food your feeding!?

Cats are different to dogs when it comes to finding a balanced nutritional diet. Cats are what we class as an obligate carnivore, now I know your thinking what is an obligate carnivore. An obligate Carnivore is an animal that requires fleshy meat in their diet, and no carbohydrates. When given a balanced fleshy meat diet you will notice that the cat doesn't drink a lot. This is because being an obligate carnivore cats get more than half their moisture and water supply from their food. A good example is when a cat captures or gets given a mouse to eat (a typical food prey source) they get 70% of their needed water/moisture.

So if your feeding a commercial diet your cat will not get the moisture/water supply from its diet. Also your cat will be getting more carbohydrates due to more veg than meat in commercial diets.If your feeding dry food they are dried with preservatives so will be a high carbohydrate diet rather than a meaty diet. Commercial diets are also not natural healthy meats if you were to look on the back it says meaty by products this means skin,fats and waste. Not lean, muscle red and white meats plus organs and bone which is what cats are meant to have.