Natural Companion Delights

Aimee - Business Owner

Aimee is 23 years old, has mitochondrial disease but that didn't stop her from creating this business. She is determined to get more healthy companions in the world and that includes the treats. As for companions they get treats at least once a day so as she always says its like having junk food every day if they get bad treats every day or bad food in general. Aimee has always loved animals she has worked on farms, dog trained, shown and competed with animals, helped rescues, and much more. She has big ideas for this business this is just the beginning! Aimee may be deaf from her disease but she will always go out her way to help you out with your companion all you need to do is contact her.

Angie - Assistant

Angie is Aimees mum who has supported her from the very start. She helps out at every event we attend and also helps get to places like collecting the fresh meat or driving to the events. Angie adores animals especially dogs unfortunately she can't get hands on with cats due to allergies. She also has mitochondrial disease but it doesn't stop her and that big smile she brings with her! She has learnt quite a lot from Aimee and loves learning about companions. Angie would love to help you out if you need assistance choosing treats at events so don't be shy go say hi!