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Dog Nutrition

Vets tell you that you need to feed this dry/wet food for such a reason.. Well heres the real reason they are telling you that, it's is for them to gain more money. Do you know what's actually in the packet food your feeding?!

When in the wild Dogs would hunt there prey down, kill it and then eat the fur,meat,organs and bones. They also eat some vegetables which are usually from a preys stomach so they have been crushed down to get more vitamins. Remembering they also eat spring grass roots and some herbs. They wouldn't eat this all at once some days they don't eat at all but some days they can go ahead and eat a whole prey. With dogs being our companions captive they should be offered food twice a day for adults and three times for puppies (up to 6 months of age) this is so that if they are hungry they will eat it and get the energy & nutrition from the food to help them maintain health,growth and other little things. So really they shouldn't be getting all this commercial dog food whether its bones, treats, dry/wet food. The best diet you can give your companion is a balanced RAW diet. This is because commercial foods now contain toxins, addictive's, carbs, and other things that they aren't meant to eat. Benefits of feeding a Raw balanced diet species appropriate, helps maintain health, fresher breath, cleaner digestive system, less vet visits, cleans teeth naturally, appropriate levels of energy (commercial food can make them sugar high similar to kids after  packets of junk food) lastly better smaller stools. A Raw balanced diet would consist of 80% raw meat (vary meats but more red than white), 10% offal half should be liver and 10% edible bone. Also can give some pureed veg (10% once a day), kefir (1 tbsp small and 2 tbsp large breeds), coconut oil (1 tsp per 5kgs). chia seeds (1tsp), egg whole (2 a week), turmeric paste (1 tsp), raw fish (omega 3 & 6) and berries.
Below are some pictures to help with all this information..

Seafood Mercury Chart-

This chart shows us which seafood is better to feed. We want to feed any seafood in the dark blue zone which is the lowest in mercury. Best fish to feed is Salmon and Sardines as the omega and fish oil source in the diet. Fish should be fed at least 1-2 times a week. when feeding fish if caught or brought it need to be frozen for 3 weeks before feeding to kill any parasites or bacteria such as salmonella.

Raw Feeding Chart-

This chart shows how and what you can feed your dog. It also shows you what you should NEVER feed. This feeding guide is very basic but can be a great help if you forget something or just need to check if your doing it right.  It does also tell you the right supplements that should go with your dogs diet.

Meat and Offal Chart-

This chart shows you what is classed as meat and what should be classed as offal. This is important to know as dogs require more muscle meats than  other meats (such as chicken). Offal is also good to know for the other 5% you need to feed with liver.

Kefir Picture-

This is what Kefir looks like once you make it..that yummy white goodness.  Kefir is  good probiotic, natural antibiotic, ad helps fight tumors in your dogs.

Tumeric -

Tumeric is used in a paste which can be referred to as golden or tumeric paste. As you can see in the image it is easy to make and has very good benefits for your dogs.

Coconut oil-
This picture is very straight forward and easy to use. It tells you under the uses column what coconut oil does for your dog