Natural Companion Delights

How the treats are made ..

Natural Companion Delights offers naturally, human grade treats/chews and with nothing added yet lasts long on shelves!! When an order is placed we get the fresh meat in that is required for the order. Then we wash the dehydrator trays and our hands of course then proceed to make the treats however the customer has requested. Each individual treat has been made by Aimee and by hand. When you order meatballs they are all portioned out and rolled by hand. Stickz and Strapz are put into a jerky gun and then pushed out to make the shapes. Care and a lot of effect goes into every bit of treat or chew that is given to you. At least 1 hour to make up 2 Kgs of treats so imagine how long it takes to do bulk for markets or events but Aimee doesn't mind she loves her job and will continue to make these fur kids happy. Even when Aimee can't stand up she pushes through and treats are done while in a wheelchair. Once the treats or chews are dried they are left to cool for at least an hour then packaged and labelled.