Natural Companion Delights

Mince, broccoli, beetroot, egg and shell all mixed together then put into paw moulds dehydrated at a slow rate.  I used these ingredients because..
* BeetrootContains Vitamins K, C & A plus manganese, magnesium and potassium. Also some vitamin E and Iron. 
* Broccoli’s content of vitamins and minerals increase your dog’s immunity and it has a protective action against heart disease, maintains healthier bones and skin and also contributes to better digestion. We also know that some of the vitamins and minerals found in broccoli provide a protective action against certain cancers.
** Eggs plus shell🥚good for dogs especially because they contain a range of B vitamins; Proteins; Fatty-acids; Minerals; Trace minerals; Vitamins including Choline, E, D & K; Plus calcium and phosphorous in their ideal ratios (if the shell is fed as well which in these treats it will be)

Beet,Broccoli and egg paws